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About Livingstone

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Since 2012 the Livingstone band has been on a spiritual journey to say the least. In the summer of 2012 after 19 years of having a music career/ministry Devin Cooke and his brother in-law Jonathan Hatt felt it was time to merge together and create a band that was more than music, but a ministry team that operated in all of our spiritual gifts. They started with 4 members from NB to Tennessee, then added 2 more before that summer was over. This 6 member band was called the Devin Cooke band. In the first year things were moving very fast. Their calendar was filling up and their audience went from 100 plus in attendance to as high as over 1000. They were covering Atlantic Canada and Maine. However, the band realized something was missing,, something vital to a successful ministry, It was God. We were singing about Him and His Son Jesus, but our focus was to be the next big thing coming out of Canadian Christian music. There were times we struggled and then there times we shined, it wasn't consistent, something had to change. We had to become less, so He could become more. 
 In the fall of 2013, Devin heard God speak to him and say, I want you to start taking this ministry to the prisons and also get involved with Compassion Canada. It took awhile for this transition to happen, but when it did, it was exactly where this band needed to be and what we needed to be focused on; The Kingdom.

 In mid summer of 2014, now a five piece band, with three new members,  the Devin Cooke Band were feeling a name change was coming. At first this was not an easy decision, but,, when God is doing something new and change is coming, He just may change your name as well, as He has shown us throughout His word. This name change did not happen over night, it took over a year of prayer and seeking God for the right name. Then in September of 2015 on their way to Indianapolis IN, to provide the worship music for a COPE conference it happened. On the road late one night as Devin was telling the story of the first child the band got sponsored through the Compassion Canada program. When he said the name of the child "Livingstone", God spoke immediately and said thats the new name of this band.

It is now with great joy, we can say God is using and moving through this band. We have an amazing relationship with Compassion Canada and are heavily involved with prison fellowship of Canada, along with our normal venues we do. We have been seeing tremendous results with this new spiritual awakening. Souls added to the Kingdom. People with spiritual bondage being released from the darkness. Those with physical and spiritual infirmities being transformed by the renewing of their minds in total surrender to God. Finally, we have witnessed true worship to an almighty God who alone deserves it.

 We are no longer Christian entertainers or worship leaders. We are Lead worshipers who are spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified through the power of music, prayer, prophesy, His word and the laying on of hands. We are "LIVINGSTONE"